Indiana Jones 5 promo?

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The University of Chicago has received an anonymous package addressed to Henry Walton Jones, Jr.–yep, Indiana Jones. The University has no idea why the package was sent or who sent it, but we now know that it was addressed to some random professor in their Stat department, named “Indiana” Jones, even though Indy himself attended the university about 80+ years ago.¬†As for the contents of this mysterious package, keep reading below.

The package contained an exact replica of Abner Ravenwood’s–an Egyptologist, father of Marion Ravenwood (Indy’s wife) and grandfather of Mutt Williams–archaeological journal. This journal showed up for the first time during Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indy used it to find the Ark of the Covenant. The replica found among other contents such as pictures of Marion, fake money, old articles, and one shockingly hand written journal entry (shown below).

No one really knows why the University received this package, but all we can really think is that–is it an Indiana Jones 5 promo? Decide for yourself.

UPDATE: The university has been contacted by LucasFilm. They have been told that this shipment did not originate from LucasFilm’s HQ and it is most certainly not a promotional campaign. Well if this isn’t a professional promo, then I salute the freakin’ genius who sent it.