Christopher Nolan’s next sci-fi project

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The Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan is in talks to direct his brother’s, Jonathan Nolan‘s, new sci-fi project, Interstellar. The basis of the film revolves around interstellar travel through wormholes that deals with time travel and multiple dimensions. Sounds a little like the Stargate franchise; if so, then I’m all for it.

Steven Spielberg and Lynda Obst was previously in talks to direct and produce the film, but has since been given to the Nolan brothers. It is unclear if Spielberg will still be attached to the project.

The film will be made cooperatively between Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures. Warner Bros. is essentially Nolan’s home for he has directed all but one of his films with the studio; the exception being The Prestige which was made for Disney.

Source: THR