5 villains needed in Marvel’s Phase 2 movies

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Iron Man – Mallen


Marvel has done a good job with depicting the greatest villains in the Iron Man franchise, beginning with the top 3: Obadiah Stane (Iron Monger), Justin Hammer, and now Mandarin. But for a small appearance in Iron Man 3, or for Iron Man 4, we would love to see Tony Stark battle Mallen. Tony’s battle with alcoholism and pure narcissism fits perfectly with his need to inject himself with the Extremis virus–an organic-tech virus that is designed to instill superhuman abilities into soldiers, much like DC’s Superman–so he can defeat the man with the only superhuman-like abilities in this series, Mallen.

In his first encounter with the terrorist, Iron Man is defeated and left weakened both physically and emotionally. At this point is when Tony’s intelligence is put to use again, as he modifies the virus to extreme levels and injects himself with it. He obviously feels no remorse as he is used to drugs being in his system.

Now pay attention–**Potential Spoilers**–in recent issues of the Iron Man comics, Iron Man is battling Mandarin in hopes to thwart his plan to release the Extremis virus into the world; and Mandarin just so happens to be the main villain in Iron Man 3. Now tell me that doesn’t sound like a segway for Mallen’s entrance. Plus, Tony is wearing the Extremis armor in Iron Man 3 (shown above).

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