Disney making Han Solo and Boba Fett Spin-offs

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Image via EW.

Image via EW.

The past few day have been all about Star Wars. Yesterday, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that they will be making many Star Wars standalone films between the saga’s sequels. The films are to be written by Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg, while they simultaneously work with Michael Ardnt to develop the sequel to Return of the Jedi. Today, EW gets an exclusive stating that Disney is going to make a Boba Fett and young Han Solo film–so that leaves Harrison Ford out.

The Han Solo films will reportedly take place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, where Han Solo first appeared, although his trusty sidekick, Chewbacca, made an appearance in the former. Lucasfilm and Disney will most likely need another actor for the role or do what they did with Jeff Bridges in TRON: Legacy; making him look younger to play CLU.

The Boba Fett film will take place between either A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back or Empire and Return of the Jedi. I would personally love to see an origin story for Boba Fett; a film taking place between Attack of the Clones and A New Hope. Remember that he saw his father be decapitated by Samuel L. Jackson‘s character, Mace Windu, at the end of Attack of the Clones during that massive Jedi battle.

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