Rupert Grint to shed Harry Potter image

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Rupert Grint will always be Ron Weasley to Harry Potter fans and fanatics around the world, but right now he is trying to shed that image by starring alongside Shia LaBeouf and Evan Rachel Wood in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman. In this Berlin Film Festival contender, Grint goes from being Harry Potter’s best friend to drug-addict drifter; “After playing the same character for 11 years, it’s nice to do something completely different,” he said. “The character was someone who’s completely the opposite of Ron.”

This film is Fredrik Bond‘s directorial debut, which is about an American traveler (LaBeouf) who falls in love with a Romanian musician (Wood) who happens to be with a Romanian gangster. Grint’s costar Shia LaBeouf made headlines awhile ago after telling MTV he had sent Wood tapes of of himself on acid–literally:

“I remember sending Evan tapes. I remember trying to conjure this (drug-addicted character) and sending tapes and Evan being like, ‘Yeah, that’s good, but that’s not, but this is, but that ain’t (sic).’ Not like she’s the expert on set. I’m just saying you reach out to friends, and you sort of gauge where you’re at. So I was sending tapes around.”

Grint is not the only Harry Potter star to shed their Harry Potter image. Daniel Radcliffe once posed for a nude picture in front of a horse; and Emma Watson has been trying to shed her image by starring in Glamour and Burberry ads. Even though that’s not really the same as staring in a role vastly different from the one she is most known for, but it’s a start.