5 Iron Man 3 cameos we’d like to see

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Phil Coulson


Alright, we need to know if he’s really dead or not? Well is he?!

If you didn’t watch The Avengers (I don’t know who wouldn’t), Clark Gregg’s lovable character Phil Coulson was supposedly killed by Loki. I say supposedly, because no one knows for sure if he’s really dead. His apparent death sparked an outcry within the Avenger¬†fan-verse, which eventually led to the Coulson Lives movement; much like Flynn Lives for TRON: Legacy.

Now here’s why Agent Coulson still lives–LMDs.

LMDs or Life Model Decoys, was introduced by Tony Stark in The Avengers when Coulson calls him and hears “You have reached the Life Model Decoy of Tony Stark.” It stands to reason that Stark has more than one LMD and not just for himself. Nick Fury wouldn’t want to gamble the life of his right-hand man during a freakin’ alien invasion. It is widely believed that the Coulson who died was in fact a LMD and Nick Fury created this ploy to get the team to work together. Before this–before having someone to¬†avenge–they were broken and were on the verge of failing.

Now with the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV spin-off coming soon, and Clark Gregg reportedly at the helm. His character could not have died on that helicarrier and instead was off somewhere else during the attack.

So we would love to see Agent Phil Coulson show up in Iron Man 3. All he has to do is just appear; not even that, even if there was a shadow of his character the world would be happy to know he’s still alive.

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