Playstation 4 will cost £300 says report [UPDATE]

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According to The Times, new reports leaked online state that Sony’s Playstation 4 will cost £300, in-line with our previous reports of a Japanese daily newspaper stating that it will cost over ¥40,000, which equivalates to over $428. In this case, it seems fair to assume the price will be $464 at current currency prices. I hope they just round it down to $449, like normal people.

This price is a significant reduction from the Playstation 3′s starting price at £425, back in 2006. To be honest, I’m tired of reporting all the rumors and news about the next-gen systems, so let’s just see what the Japanese electronic-behemoth has to say on Wednesday.


Some news blogs are reporting that this price is official and has been confirmed by Sony, but that is not true. The prices mentioned above are rumors and leaked information only, which should not be taken as official news.

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