Top 5 Villains to Look Forward to in 2013

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Besides Ben Kingsley being a total badass, Mandarin is the man that comes closest to destroying the world. He also is the leader of the Ten Rings terrorist group, which just so happened to show up in the first Iron Man film.

He’s not the leader just ‘cos it’s a cool name. He actually wears ten rings; and each ring grants him a different power. For example, his little finger on his left hand grants him the ability to shoot out an ice blast at an enemy. His middle finger on his right hand allows him to create a vortex boom, which can destroy an entire building. He controls eight more of those terrifying abilities.

Mandarin’s story arc from the comics suggests that he will be attempting to release the Extremis virus in Iron Man 3, which leads to Iron Man’s eventual sort-of-doom. He gets pummeled by Mallen, then returns to fight another day.

Mandarin is a huge fan-favorite of the comics and the fact that Kingsley is going to portray the calculated-terrorist just adds to the fanaticism we are all going to experience. Even Robert Downey Jr. said that, “Sir Ben [Kingsley] is probably going to steal this movie.”

And you can’t argue with Tony Stark himself.

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