The 7 Best Raunchy Comedies

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7. Hot Tub Time Machine


Many people thought this movie was a bit outdated (not the 80s scene) and utterly ridiculous, but to me, that’s what made this movie that much funnier.

What kind of writer decides to send the most racist, drugged-out, wacky morons back to the 80s to relive the greatest weekend they ever had–through a freakin’ hot tub?! No one. Sure time travel has been speculated about and theorized, especially in movies like The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Time Travel Machine, and others, but this movie was more of an idea spawned in an 8th grade classroom.

Of course, it all ends up perfect in the end, but not until one of them gets stabbed in the eye, the other gets beat up, another one discovers who is dad really is, and the other just has the time of his life. Also, Chevy Chase’s cameo is something to die for; with all those riddles and the secret formula to get back to the present-day.

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