Most Mind-Bending Movies Ever Made

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The Matrix


Even though Matrix Reloaded and Revolution were disappointing to say the least, one cannot make a list about the most mind-bending movies of all time without including the Wachowski siblings’ seminal sci-fi epic The Matrix. It’s almost an ode to the world’s of philosophers, futurists, and sci-fi nerds alike.

The Matrix, in the literal sense, is film designed to mess with your mind. The essential plot of the film is that the 1999-world we believe to be real is actually a grand façade created by these malevolent sentient machines to keep humans in a concentrated cyber world while they harness our bodies for fuel to keep up their campaign for total global domination.

Simply watching the green code flow down your screen is enough to confuse even the most confident of moviegoers, but watch it enough and you’ll understand the basis of the Wachowskis’ goal to bring your attention to yet another possibility of human extinction via man-made machines.


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  • Cinemark

    What about the Granddaddy of mind-bending films: 2001

  • Ryan

    You forgot Stay and Donnie Darko

  • Milla

    Donnie Darko for sure should be on this list

  • Milla

    or Fight Club!

  • Dev

    A Beautiful Mind. C’mon

  • Ghazi

    The worst part is that Dennis Lehane who actually wrote Shutter Island gets no recognition

  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.patterson2 Chris Shadowfinder Patterson

    Mind bend try ( Existence ) CLASSIC and ( John Dies at the end ) for me the others I understood but these 2 gave me a headache.

    • http://www.facebook.com/SmithingChick Sharon Smith

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking Existenz.

  • NillaWafer


  • ScouseBot23

    “But in the end, he believes he’s being kept against his will.” (Shutter Island)…This isn’t what happens, the therapy ended up working as he realised he killed his wife but he didn’t want to live knowing that he did. That’s why he says, “Which would be worse–to live as a monster? Or to die as a good man?”, at the end before getting up and (of his own freewill, without anybody helping him) walking towards his own lobotomy…which is why Mark Ruffalo reacts the way he does….it makes the film less “Inception-like” as it’s not as open-ended but it makes it that much more depressing…brilliant film, and if DiCaprio didn’t have his problems with the academy, he would have won for this for sure (and best supporting for Django; NOT EVEN NOMINATED?!?!)…especially for the lake house scene…Chills…

  • Yoric

    Mulholland Drive?

  • Colin

    Also left out here: Jacob’s Ladder. A truly mind-bending and excellent film.