7 Best Single Character Movies

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I Am Legend


Most people would say that the Pursuit of Happyness is Will Smith’s best performance, but for me it’s I Am Legend–hands-down.

This dystopian film suggests that the cure for cancer scientists discovered in fact wipes out over 90% of the Earth’s population and the rest of 600 million were left to experience the post-apocalyptic world we’ve all feared. Out of the 600 million, 588 million of them started to turn into vampiric beings called Darkseekers; they hunted the remaining 12 million humans immune to the airborne virus, of which Will Smith was one of them, except he was immune to the actual virus as well.

After mastering the cure to the virus, a woman named Anna takes the virus to a colony outside of the withered Manhattan area and gives the cure to the survivors. Over time, Smith’s Neville’s journey to attaining the cure becomes legend.

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