6 Amazing Scenes In Christopher Nolan Films That Aren’t CGI

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Flipping Semi-truck – TDK


Christopher Nolan is known for many different aspects of his directing style, but my favorite has to be the sense of realism he portrays in his movies. He makes scenes look completely real without using the much hated CGI. He does this by actually recreating the scenes he wants.

For example, the scene in The Dark Knight when the Joker is driving a semi-truck and Batman uses his bike to attach the truck to nearby light poles thus flipping the truck. Seeing it in the theater was mind-blowing. How did he do it? How did he manage to make something like that seem so real? Well, he used a technique most directors aren’t aware of and something we in the industry like to call flipping an actual freakin’ truck!

Yeah, if you weren’t aware of this fact, you are now. Christopher Nolan opted out of CGI for the chance to front-flip an actual semi truck and get it all on film; and just any film, IMAX film.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.hickey.908 Sean Hickey

    For The Dark Night Rises you write that Nolan dropped a C-130 from the sky–but the C-130 was the mercenary/military plane that is towing the the CIA’s plane which eventually is dropped from the C-130…

    • Amir

      Dude. Shut the fuck up. No one likes a smart ass.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.hickey.908 Sean Hickey

    For the corner cafe scene of Inception air was used as a propellant, and not explosives. There was no “blowing up” of buildings, the street, or corners near cafe debussey. There is clearly heavy CGI throughout this scene.