8 Movie Endings That Left You Waiting For A Sequel

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Casino Royale


I always thought of Roger Moore as my favorite Bond until I saw Casino Royale. Daniel Craig was the perfect modern-day Bond that didn’t act like he was a divine creation, but he still seduces women every chance he gets–which is fine. I didn’t particularly enjoy the Bond films after Goldeneye, so when Craig came along and acted like a total badass hunting down the now-Hannibal star, Mads Mikkelsen, I was ecstatic. That new music mixed with the sleek Aston Martin and the beautiful Eva Green made for an awesome Bond theatrical experience. And that ending ..ooh that really solidified the much needed Bond comeback.

For those of you who do not remember the ending, or just never saw the movie, there is a man called Mr. White that works for a secret organization that somehow has spies with high level clearance in nearly every governmental agency in the world. Mr. White is responsible for killing Bond’s dearly departed love and causing all the hassle Bond was dealing with. So in the end, just when you think Mr. White got away, he gets a call from a ┬áman that simply says, “Mr. White. We need to talk.” Then White asks, “Who is this?” …..boom, Mr. White gets shot in the leg; then he tries to crawl up the stairs when James Bond shows up and lays down his infamous line, “The name is Bond. James Bond.” Then the credits begin to roll.

Hands down, the best Bond ending ever.

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  • Korabljenik

    Planet of the Apes (2001) ending is pure crap, because there is no explanation, and the explanation wasn’t even intended – Burton made that nonsensical ending just ”because”…