Microsoft Insider Says To Not Be So Gullible–Always-Online Is Not Happening

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If you’re in any way interested in gaming then you know of the recently announced Playstation 4 as well as the proposed announcement of the Xbox 720, codenamed Durango, next month. But until that date actually comes and goes, we’re left to sift through dozens of rumors coming out every-single-day. We here at Nerdacy try to only find and post the most credible rumors, and it looks like we have another one for you today. An insider source from Microsoft’s software division made a pastebin post that debunked all sorts of rumors and started a few other ones.

First off, lets get started with the most important one shall we? The always-online rumor going around is not real. The source flat-out claims that it is simply not happening, “You are not required to be connected to the internet in order to play Durango games and MS were NEVER considering doing such a thing.” He says to not believe everything you read in forums, “for any of [you] that actually believed the online-required rumor, well…. you’re either stupid, very gullible, or a fanboy. Reading the posts some of you made over the past few weeks leads me to believe that mostly fanboyism was involved.”

Now on to the specs; apparently everything mentioned in the VGLeaks article regarding Durango specifications are 100% accurate. The specs thus far are that the console is built  using similar x64 architecture to that of the Xbox 360. It will come with “move engines” that will boost performance for “common tasks”, possibly meant mostly for the entertainment model; as well as having the GPU harness Direct3D 11. And here’s another caveat for the concerned out there, the Xbox 720 will ship with a Xbox 360 SOC! What does that mean? Well, simply put, the 720 will be completely backwards-compatible with the 360!

The source says “there was a reason why MS hired so many former IBM and AMD employees.” Microsoft hired them to not only make the system work with the Xbox 360, but also boost the performance of the Xbox 720.

The Xbox 720 will also be coming with Kinect 2.0, which the source says VGLeaks also got right when they “leaked” the specs for the next-gen hands-free sensor. The source says that the sensor can “do ANYTHING, and with the quite substantial increase in the hardware over Kinect 1.0, any humanly noticeable lag should be gone.” Sadly, the Xbox 720 controller will be identical to the Xbox 360’s. Still uses AA batteries and rechargeable battery packs, but will supposedly last 16% longer than the current-gen controller. The only major difference of the Xbox 720 controller is that it houses a new D-pad. The source says that even though they are similar, gamers will notice a difference.

As for the entertainment model, or Xbox Mini/TV–sounds a little Apple-like don’t ya think? Well, it should. The main goal of the Xbox TV is to compete with Apple TV in the future. It will cost around $100, according to the source, and will also come with a Xbox 360 SOC, but will not have a disc drive. It will however still be able to download games and play through the Xbox Live Arcade. That’s all the information the source has regarding Xbox TV, but other rumors suggest it is being built with the premise of replacing any set-top box in the “living-room” of all homes; with recording and gaming capabilities. Make what you will of that.

Lastly, the software on the Xbox 720 will obviously be running a full version of Windows 8, which hasn’t been adopted in the computing world as Microsoft had hoped. This just might be the boost they need to get their social-OS going. “This means it’ll be running the new WinRT framework, which as a side effect also means that contrary to popular belief MS will be the most indie friendly of all the big 3 next gen.”

That is all the information the source gave on the next-gen Xbox 720. Let us know what you think. And please remember that even though this person claims himself as an insider source, he may just be full of shit, so take this news with a grain of salt–like always.