The 5 Worst Movies Of 2013 So Far

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Gangster Squad


I didn’t even realize that this movie had a plot until the very end; even then I didn’t understand why this movie was even made. If you think the following description offers any spoilers then you haven’t seen a “gangster” movie ever.

Loosely based on the true story of the LAPD arresting Mickey Cohen by starting a gang war between his gangsters and the LAPD’s new unit, Gangster Squad. Basically Josh Brolin musters up a team of die hards that include Ryan Gosling, who for some reason has the highest-pitched voice I’ve ever heard, and they kill every gang member in their way to arresting Mickey Cohen. Besides a few mediocre action sequences, this film had nothing to offer the mob-loving crowd. It was an ode to failure, which makes it one of the worst movies of 2013 so far.

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  • memfss

    plz, fix the “prev”/”next” links on page 2

  • http://twitter.com/paul_preib Paul Preibisius

    I can never fault anyone for liking or not liking something specifically, to each their own. But the reasoning given for these falls flat. The host would never be my taste in a film but “I honestly can’t even explain why it’s so bad…” after spending the time to bash one non related item and one loosely related tells me someone went in already deciding that they hated it.

    Likewise with Spring Breakers “Some liked it but it is the worst thing of the year, maybe even last year” again speaks to a fallacy of approach reinforced by “I just didn’t get it” as the basic premise for why it was terrible.

  • show off

    Don’t waste your time reading this bullshit. This is a post to get viewers to his blog. He don’t even give a reasonable explanation of why the movie is bad. Change the blog name to Jerkacy, will fit better.

  • Pearl Provider

    You clearly didn’t put a lot of reseachs into this article…
    Movie 43. InAPPropriate Comedy. A Haunted House. White T. Battle of the year ; Dream Team. The last Stand. Noobz. Escape from Planet Earth. The last temptation. Burt Wandersome. Bullet to the head…
    I mean : MOVIE 43 AND InAPPropriate Comedy came out the same month and you’re talking about Scary Movie N°Whostillgivesashit…
    This HAS to be one of the shittiest year in the history of the “Throwaway Movies Months” and “Gangster Squads” is what you come up with ?

  • Dalinkwent

    Saying Die Hard 5 isn’t the worst movie in the series ruin’s your credibility. While some of the other Die Hard movies had flaws, they AT LEAST had enough redeeming quality’s to enjoy. DH5 was just a cluster-f*ck and BORING!!! Nothing about the movie works.

  • http://twitter.com/StarTreker9 Alex Davies

    the host was an amazing film, it was spot on and just utterly fantastic. based on the amazing book. you dont even say why any of these films are bad. all the films that are on this list are pretty good.

  • evonne

    Hmm, still won’t stop me from watching them.

  • Sam

    Spring breakers got a good review from critics.

  • You call you’re self an author

    “And they’re religious friend is OK with that??” Seriously? That is heinous.

  • Romeo Garcia

    I agree with you..Except with GANGsTER sQUAD…That was a good movie..Not great not amazing..Just good!!!

  • Jim

    Gangster Squad was good. This author is a tool.

  • Jim

    The Host was fine. Not sure why the author hates it.