5 Female Superheroes That Deserve Their Own Movies

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Black Canary


Just like most superheroes, the Black Canary has been altered to fit the times she is portrayed in. Originally the Black Canary was the alter-ego of Dinah Drake, but then Drake had a daughter that ended up becoming the new, younger version of Black Canary; who eventually became the love interest of one Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. And that is how most people remember her–as this loveable sidekick, but she is anything but.

The Black Canary is a well trained martial artist with skills that rival most heroes in any comic universe, not just DC. She also has the mutated ability to emit ultrasonic sound waves with her vocal cords that can literally destroy metal. The fact that she, and her mother before her, were both a part of the Justice Society of America, essentially the superhero group that started it all and the precursor to the Justice League of America, means that she doesn’t need her emerald husband to back her up when facing off with a couple baddies.

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