E3: INFAMOUS SECOND SON Gameplay Demo & Thoughts

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inFamous Second Son was, in my opinion, the best game at E3 this year. If you’re planning on getting a PS4, this game is a must-have. It was a sort of sleeper-hit at E3 despite its massive Playstation fandom, because of all the other bigger next-gen PS4 titles like Watch Dogs, Killzone, et cetera. During our hands-off gameplay demo we were told quite a bit about the premise of the game and its background, so in order to keep this recap spoiler-free we’ll tell you what you could probably find on Wikipedia in the coming months.

inFamous Second Son takes place seven years after the events of inFamous 2 in a real recreation of Seattle, WA, instead of another fictional city like the franchise’s previous installments had. A lot of the decision had to do with the fact that Sucker Punch is located in Seattle so the designers were able to create a realistic portrayal of the city. The PS4 allowed the designers to really dive deep into next-gen quality. Leading in to the live-demo, the creative devs showed us a little bit of the sandbox recreated city, showing the ultra-realistic water puddles and light reflections of cars, windows, and buildings.

Another major difference between Second Son and previous installments is that you no longer play as the titular Cole MacGrath; instead you will play as Delsin Rowe, voiced by The Last Of Us’ Troy Barker. Barker is actually coming in a few next-gen games this year, e.g. Batman: Arkham Origins as The Joker, The Last of Us as Joel, and was in BioShock Infinite as Booker DeWitt.

Even though these are big jumps between the previous two installments and the franchise’s next-gen installment, much of the gameplay and features players love are still there. But there was no word on whether Second Son will be at all connected to the previous storyline. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with that.

Unlike MacGrath having the sole ability to harness electricity, Rowe acts more like X-Men’s Rogue; his conduit power consists of taking powers from other conduits. In the demo he was using the smoke power, which allowed him to literally dematerialize and rematerialize in another area. He can pass through drains, walls, even humans. The smoke power also allows him to shoot out bolts of smoke at his enemies causing them to also, in some cases, dematerialize. The most impressive part of this ability was when he launched himself in the air and came back down to destroy an entire foyer.

There is much more on the game we can’t really discuss without giving too much away. inFamous Second Son releases exclusively on the PS4 in Q1 2014. You can check out a similar demo below.