10 Reasons Shark Week Is the Best Thing Ever

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Modern-day Jaws


Ok, so what exactly is Shark Week? It’s the modern day Jaws; a full week of television on the Discovery Channel dedicated to anything and everything that is sharks. If you’re sick of bullsh*t films that portray sharks as these mindless, man-eating, horrific creatures like Deep Blue Sea (not so mindless) and Open Water, then you’ve come to the right place. Shark Week was created to educate the general public about sharks so we wouldn’t be so ignorant and terrified of them.

Jaws was a horror movie at its best. It trained multiple generations of audiences to fear the great white and somehow start playing the infamous theme song in our heads when we’re all alone in the water. But, Discovery Channel turned that into a week-long phenomena that we all wait 51 weeks for every single year.

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