Mark Millar Talks BATMAN/SUPERMAN Film, X-FORCE, And More

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In a recent social media interview conducted by Total Film, Mark Millar addressed fan questions about the upcoming Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment Batman vs. Superman film, as well as X-Force, and whether he thinks comic book movies are in danger of dying out.

Mark Millar X Force

Millar disagrees with the thinking that the comic book movie genre will die out soon or that the market is too saturated with the films.

No – this year has been fascinating because just when it looked like there were too many comic adaptations coming out, the only things that have survived are the comic-book adaptations.

It’s a bad time to be an A-list movie star because there have been four or five complete disasters this summer, I mean complete catastrophes; the sort of thing that only happens every couple of years has happened five different times this year and it’s quite alarming you know.

But weirdly, the comic-book franchises have done great, Superman’s made $700m, Iron Man’s done $1.2bn and Wolverine’s going to be at least half a billion.

Eventually, everything implodes, but I don’t think that comic books will have a problem, I think what will happen is that down the line superhero movies might disappear for a little while or certainly contract.

But people predicted this in 2005-6, saying; ‘OK it’s had a little run’, then in 2008 they said it was going to happen but suddenly, 2012 is the highest-grossing comic-book movie year ever. This year’s just been spectacular. 2015 is going to be enormous with Avengers 2 and Superman Vs Batman.

I’ve got this theory that it ties up with economic cycles and economic cycle predictions are catastrophic for the rest of this decade but it’s going to take us years to get back to 2008 levels – so in bad times, people want superheroes.

He then discussed the Batman vs. Superman film and if he thinks DC are rushing the production on it.

No, not at all; I actually think it’s a brilliant idea. Justice League would have been a really weird move for them. Could you imagine doing The Avengerswithout doing Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and everything beforehand?

With the Justice League, you’re talking about seven different dimensions that these characters are coming from.

The Martian Manhunter comes from Mars, with Wonder Woman you have to explain the Paradise Islands populated by Amazons, the Green Lantern you’ll have to reintroduce because nobody saw the first film *laughs* and then there’s the Flash, and Aquaman and the undersea kingdom of Atlantis – how on earth do you possibly explain that?

That’s seven movies that you’ve somehow got to explain in the first act of a JLA film, so I think they’re really wise in what they’re doing, by just keeping with the two that everybody knows.

I actually don’t think that a Justice League movie would have done any more business than Superman Vs Batman. At the moment, nobody really cares about those other characters anyway yet.

Lastly, Millar said that he wants Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow to direct X-Force.

Just that he’d made a great film. Jeff made a really entertaining film with Kick-Ass 2, I was really happy. And he had a difficult film to follow because expectations were high.

He had a really tough gig – it’s not like coming in and doing Green Lantern 2 or something but he did a really good job on it and I said to the guys on X-Force: ‘get him while he’s relatively cheap.’ Because after this summer, everybody’s going to want him.

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