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Quantic Dream Boss Says Indies “Invent the future”

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Quantic Dream boss and Beyond: Two Souls dev, David Cage, recently discussed the future of the gaming industry and said he’s most interested in indie developers, saying they are the ones that “invent the future.”


“I’m very interested right now in what happens in the indie-sphere,” starts Cage. “We have this strange situation right now where we see Triple A titles having a lot of money, really huge budgets, hundreds of people in their teams, and creating these huge blockbusters, and I think that is interesting. [They are] fantastic games, that arrive on big budgets and big teams, but at the same time because budgets are so high sometimes you have a feeling that people can’t take creative risks. They just want to make it a success, so they give people what they expect.

“And on the other side of this spectrum you see indie developers who are just in the opposite situation; they have very limited resources so they need to be extremely creative in order to get attention.┬áIt’s a strange situation, but it’s very interesting because we see new talents arriving and creating experiences that are really original and really different.

“I’m definitely very happy with once going on right now with all this creative people, and all this creative games arriving, and we all have different takes on the games we make, and that’s what’s fantastic about this medium is that I’m always happy when there’s not one voice,” continues Cage. “Everybody is saying the same thing the same way, which is sometimes a little depraving in our industry; what is really exciting in any medium is when there are creative voices saying different things in different ways. This is what we get these days, it’s really exciting.

“Now we need these games to have a massive commercial success so they can really start changing things. They should evolve from being, ‘hey this is nice’ critical success to where everybody talks about it for 6 months, but when you look at the figures it’s not always what these people expected, so now we need these games to be a massive success, and that’s the role of gamers–to take the responsibility to support these people, because they invent the future.”

Source: BAFTA