STAR WARS EPISODE VII Team Wanted To Delay Film To 2016

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LucasFilm President Kathleen Kennedy and the majority of the creative team for Star Wars Episode VII wanted to delay the film to 2016, but Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger was adamant that the film release in 2015.

Recently it was announced that J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan–who wrote Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back–had taken over scripting duties for the film after Michael Ardnt had dropped out of the project.

Sources have told THR that “Abrams has become autocratic in recent months, wresting some casting control from Kennedy. But others disputed that notion, saying Abrams and Kennedy both have been involved in casting sessions. Unlike Kennedy, Abrams is said to be more in sync with Iger’s desire to meet the 2015 release target — which allows zero margin for error — at all costs.”

But another insider says that there is nothing to worry about, “almost every big movie changes writers at some point. There’s no drama here.”