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User Fix For XBOX ONE Game Installs Stuck At 0%

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Granted with a new console release there are bound to be some problems and one minor issue is that of installing your game. Some people are reporting that when they insert the disc into the drive, the system begins installing the game, but stays at 0%.

**This is not an official suggestion from Microsoft so exercise caution.**

The suggestion that seems to help with this issue is to cancel the install; disconnect from the internet; and resume installing while offline. Plain and simple. I, and I’m sure no one else yet, knows if the following reason can be solely attributed to this issue of games not installing, but it’s the most reasonably attained reason: installing the game before downloading the particular game’s update will cause the game to halt installing; therefore it’s best to install the game offline, then go online and install the update and play the game.

Okay i found a solution…. Kinda,

Note you wont be able to play online like this,

First go to settings and reset ur console to factory default,

Then make sure your game is not inserted as the console resets everything and you set it up again,

Once the console is done setting up, disconnect it from the internet, once thats done, insert the game and after a couple of mins on 0% it should start installing properly,

You see the problem wasnt installing the game, it was downloading the fkn huge *** update before installing it….

…Not the console update btw, the actual game update,

You should be able to reconnect and play online as normal once the servers for xbox one settle down a bit

Many thanks, JT 995

  • X1ultimateGamer

    Funny how this issues seem to pop up when nobody actually having any this story is clearly written by a Fuckin Sony Pony so otherwords it BS and here -1

  • jrdbrn

    The issue is real. I am having it right now. Not very happy with this Xbone. I want to play NBA2k….

    • jeeven

      did it end up downloading the update?

  • Cary

    I’m an Xbox guy. I stood in line for the original and for the 360. I just found this article and this fix is working for me. Thanks for the idea. COD Ghosts is 6% installed now.

  • ever so grateful

    thankyou so much even though offline alot better than mucking around with apps 😀

  • ever so grateful

    the number of videos about this that are going to emerge is going to be too damn high

  • Cary

    After installing a couple of games, I’m guessing that it is trying to download the update before installing the game. After installing COD Ghosts I reconnected to the Internet and restarted the game. It said it had to install the update. I got the “Installing…” message, and it said “97%” .Knowing it was a 1,221MB update, and using a little math, I’m guessing its about a 40 GB install from the disk.

    It took a long time to download the 1,221 MB update, during which time the “Installing…” Indicator SLOWLY progressed from 97% to 100%. I thought the install was stuck at 0% doing nothing, when in reality what was happening was that it was churning away on the first 400MB of the update download. If I had waited after the first 400MB the indicator would have progressed to 1%, then after another 400MB the indicator would have progressed to 2%, then after the download finished the indicator would have sped up as it installed the game from the disk.

    During the initial day one Xbox One update of 500MB, they have a nice indicator showing progress. As it stands, the progress indicator for the installation when there’s a huge update is completely unclear.

    Come on Microsoft. You should have seen this one coming. I can’t wait to install Forza next. It has, I kid you not, a 6BG day one update.

    • Brandon N.

      It took me a little over 12 hours to download the forza 5 update. What a pain in the ass