THE WALKING DEAD’s Robert Kirkman Says Rick Hasn’t Reached His Lowest Point Yet

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If you haven’t seen the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead season 4 then there are obviously spoilers ahead and why the hell haven’t you watched it yet?!


The Walking Dead comic book series creator and show EP Robert Kirkman said in a recent interview that Rick Grimes hasn’t hit his lowest point just yet and that is in part due to the “loss” of Judith.

“Well, she’s not in that car seat,” Kirkman responded to a question about Judith’s whereabouts. “I mean, there might be some of her in that car seat, but you know, the majority of her is not there. That’s another big unknown that we’ll have to find out about when we come back. She could be dead. She could be maimed. She could be fine. We’ll just have to find out.”

Then Kirkman talked about Rick’s psychological position now after the Prison attack: “Not good is the short answer. There’s always a new low. Whenever I see someone say, “Oh, Rick is at his low!” I’m like, really? Just wait. He’s definitely in a bad place. He and Carl are gonna be on their own for a bit. There’s some pretty dark stuff on the road ahead. They’re both in pretty bad shape. This will be the low for a while and then we’ll find a new one later on, hopefully.”

Source: EW