Nerdacy’s 10 Best TV Shows Of 2013

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**This list is part of Nerdacy’s Year in Review. Every morning we’ll post another 10 Best/Top 10 list. Industry news coverage will resume on January 1st. Happy Holidays!**

10. Homeland

Homeland season 3 finale

It’s rare to find a show as gripping as Homeland. It’s a show where you cannot miss a single episode. It lagged for a bit at the start of the season and the end of last season, but it quickly got legs and has surged ever since. To me the show is great because it keeps me guessing, and that doesn’t happen to much anymore especially in this internet/digital age where everything is spoiled ahead of time.

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  • BerryJesus

    Where is Master of Sex?! The first season was fantastic.
    Also Walking Dead ahead of Breaking Bad? You should be ashamed Nerdacy.