JUSTIFIED Cancelled; Season 6 Will Be Last

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Justified has been cancelled. It was rumored before, but now FX has confirmed the news during the network’s TCA presentation today in Pasadena, CA. Justified season 6 has been confirmed to be the show’s last.

“They felt that the arc of the show and what they had to say would be served by six seasons instead of seven,” said FX CEO John Landgraf, “and I regretfully accepted their decision.”

  • Andrew Arnold

    Sad news. Good show.

  • APrince66

    6 seasons of amazing TV, and going out while its still good (like Breaking Bad) is better than hanging on the the good memories and running mostly mediocre/crap episodes and ending on a real low. (like The Office)

  • ZedWrecker

    At least they get the last season to wrap things up in stead of leaving us in a lurch like they did with Black Donnelleys.

  • ixyon

    It’s not cancelled, it’s over.
    Two very different things.

    I don’t want another Dexter, thanks FX for this wise decision.

  • Patrick

    So…it wasn’t cancelled, it was a decision to end the show by the creators.

    Thanks for the misleading article title.

  • tvfan

    Why do you let dumb people write for your website,you’ll lose credibility.

  • GRubi

    I hate when article titles are intentionally misleading. A show being cancelled and the showrunner announcing that he/she wants to end the series after a certain amount of seasons are no where near the same thing. Who approves this crap? Whoever it is should be fired.

  • vikki

    I’m really sad to hear the show is over, not cancelled. Thank you Timothy & Walter! Kudos to all the cast and crew. I look forward to seeing you both in many other projects and hopefully another series. Congratulations on such a great series. I look forward to another wonderful series from FX.

  • Mike MacLeod

    So it wasn’t cancelled, just that the writers and production crew decided to be smart about what they’re doing and end on a high note instead of letting the show jump the shark. An always respectable way to go out. Absolutely love this show and I’ll be sad to see it end, but happy that we’ll have 6 years worth of great storytelling.

  • Kelli Ralph



  • Beachhawk

    This is nuts! Whoever made this decision should just go out and shoot themself in the foot. It’d make just as much sense as cancelling a wildly successful drama. Does anyone in TV land have any common sense?

  • Whistler

    The more I watch it the less I like Givens – Just another cop using the law to push his own agenda. Boyd Crowder on the other hand becomes more and more likable.

  • Mike B

    They had built up the rest of the marshall’s brilliantly by the end of last season, only to waste them almost completely during this season. Instead we just got a whole new set of bad guys, with only one more and more morally ambiguous good guy to counter, and less and less of him on the screen as well. A major waste of acting talent and character development. I suspect that except for the season finale, the writers were different this year.

  • Mike B

    IT WAS CANCELLED! The ratings were down big time because the writing suffered this year.

  • dizzymay

    I love love love this show don’t take it off