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Gaming Daily: 7 Widespread Xbox One Issues & How To Fix Them – Party Chat, Installs Stuck At 0%, And More

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We’ve found that there are about seven widespread issues people have been having with the Xbox One since launch–we don’t mean widespread as in tens of thousands, but still more than a handful–and have found a few user solutions for them. We hope they help!

We’re currently working on fixes for several PS4 issues as well so stay tuned.


Click on the following links to go to the solutions or click the “Next” button at the bottom to scroll through the solutions.

Party chat

Installs stuck at 0%

Blu-ray disc grinding

Disc-based DRM Issue (Don’t know what else to call it)

Xbox One controller binding

Xbox One not turning on/shutting off instantly

Disc won’t read

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  • Nintendont

    My ps4 has more severe probs than those. Might sell it for an xb1, ya I am def going to. Yay titanfall for me soon then!

  • http://instantnyc12.tumblr.com/ Terrence Aybar

    If you hold down the power button on the console itself, it allows you to reset the system. This has helped immensely with certain things like apps not working properly or games not playing correctly.


    I have received the disc based DRM. It can easily be corrected. Just remove the disk and put it back in. It seems to occur for a few reasons. One is because the ability to launch a game remains shortly after removing the disc. It also occurs when you try and start a game disc that is in the system and not yet fully loaded for launch which in itself takes a second or two.