10 People You Probably Forgot Were Part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe

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Ty Burrell


Yep, that’s right people. Phil from Modern Family and the dude from those orange juice commercials was in Dawn of the Dead AND the Incredible Hulk. It seems so long ago that Edward Norton had played the hulk before our beloved Mark Ruffalo, but it happened; and Ty Burrell was there as Dr. Samson.

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  • The Walking Cuban

    Good list. (It was War Machine at the expo, by the way, not Iron Patriot.)

  • One more thing

    One other for this list: Richard Armitage (Thorin from the Hobbit) was the German assassin that Rogers chases through New York.

    • http://Nerdacy.com/ Nerdacy

      Oh, good one. I didn’t even realize it was him in those scenes.

    • BeyondthePolice

      And another one that I only noticed because I originally saw the movie after seeing season 7 of Doctor Who, but Jenna-Louise Coleman, who currently plays Clara Oswald, the Doctor’s companion, on Doctor Who, had a small role as one of the two men’s dates at the technology expo in The First Avenger.

  • wat

    I wish Terrence Howard wasn’t let go. For one I hate recasts and for two I think the roles suits him way better than frail-looking Don Cheadle. Don’s an excellent actor but that role really isn’t for him.

    • The Walking Cuban

      I hate recasts but I can’t change em and honestly Cheadle may be thinner but he’s not scrawny. He’s got that athletically thin look, like some military guys, they run so much that they don’t add muscle, but they do have muscle. Thing is, either way, the suit hides the man. Part 2, he stuck out big time, being a recast, but by part 3 he nailed the bromance the way Howard did except without, you know, sounding like a Memphis pimp. “A mayn, is like a DOG” “Gimme the suit, Rhodie, you’re drunk”

      • wat

        Haha I didn’t like him in IM3 either.

        • The Walking Cuban

          Haha bou2 watch Cap 2 PAYCE

          • wat

            No spoilers please lol

          • The Walking Cuban

            SON. Ah ont do dat. I will confirm those good reviews weren’t lying one bit.

          • wat

            :D Hopefully I go see it some time this week.

          • The Walking Cuban

            Boy, boy, boy, can’t wait to hear whatcha say bout it

          • wat


          • wat

            My cousin and I may see it this week sometime. *crosses fingers*

          • The Walking Cuban

            That joint’s smashing the box office

          • wat

            Ughhhh I need to see itttttt

  • Thunderchild

    Liv, Tommy Lee Jones, and The Dude were important supporting actors. Really not fair to say people can easily forget them.

  • Josiah Silas Michael

    If you forgot about Iron Man, you’re not paying attention.

  • Zhandro Macaroyo

    Maybe another person you guys forgot that is also in the marvel universe….Howard the duck…

    Played by 8 people according to..

  • Antonio F.

    I don’t know who Olivia Munn or that blonde chick are, but how could Tommy Lee Jones’s role or Terrence Howard’s possibly be forgotten?

  • ToolThatFabricatesArticles

    You are officially a retard if you think people “forgot” about the roles played by Tommy Lee Jones, Terence Howard, Liv Tyler, and Jeff Bridges. These were all integral characters to the Marvel Universe. Why not describe this article as it was meant to be? “A cheap excuse to get hits by mentioning Marvel”. Learn 2 Journalism you idiot.

  • Xyne

    This list is silly.
    Most of these are large supporting roles. Just because a movie is of an early date (not that I find 2008 to be early) doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about its cast.
    If the criteria for this list are ” when were they there” then Stanley Tucci, Leslie Bibb, Powers Booth, Ashley Johnson, Harry Dean Stanton and Emily vanCamp and indeed Richard Armitage could be added as well.

    Forgotten they are definitely not, oft overlooked is something completely different.

  • Corpsey

    Who the hell could possibly forget Jeff Bridges?

    • Corpsey

      Or Liv Tyler and Tommy Lee Jones for that matter, THEY WERE IN A WHOLE MOVIE