10 Saddest Comic Book Movie Deaths

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Rachel Dawes – The Dark Knight


Instead of taking a character from the comics, Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer decided to make up their own empowering love-interest for Bruce Wayne in their Dark Knight trilogy–Rachel Dawes. Since she was an original character, I had no idea she was going to die! In the midst of an epic movie, Nolan manages to create the origin of an iconic villain while tearing away the last special person in his hero’s life. Genius!…But also very sad.

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  • Pauly

    Maybe Madeline Pryor died in X-Men the Last Stand, Jean Grey could still be out there. We also never saw Scott’s body, Mr. Sinister may have them both

  • Christoph

    Not remotely distressed by the death of Rachel Dawes. Her character was a colorless wet blanket from start to finish. I criticized Katie Holmes interpretation in Batman Begins because she was no where in the same league acting-wise as her co-stars. Unfortunately, Maggie Gyllenhaal was even worse in the sequel, which made her and her subplot about the only thing that did not work in The Dark Knight. At least Holmes had a kittenish sex appeal so you could imagine the two most powerful eligible bachelors in Gotham being interested, but Gyllenhaal was just as unconvincing as Holmes as an assistant D.A. and completely lacked her sex appeal. I kept wondering why in the world either Bruce Wayne or Harvey Dent were remotely fascinated by this boring, preachy, mundane smelt.

  • Robbobjon

    Wow… Just wow…

    What a godawful and ass-backwards list! Coulson? Really? Agent No-Emotions was the saddest of all to you?