5 Recent games that should have been delayed

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It seems that ever since this new console generation began it has been marred by delays and re-releases. I’m not saying every game should be delayed in order to achieve its full potential, but rather not announced until the developer team is sure they’re giving us a truly finished product. Though, there are games that should have been delayed. Here are a few of those games.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4-crashsite

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to many people. Battlefield 4 may work terrifically now, but when it released last October/November (depending on which platform you bought it for) it had a myriad of issues. I’m not talking about a few minor glitches, but truly game-breaking issues. Some issues with the DLC warranted returns of the Premium membership to EA. I truly hope the Battlefield Hardline launch goes smoother with Visceral at the helm. I also hope DICE doesn’t screw up Star Wars Battlefront, either.



Grand Theft Auto V didn’t have many problems and it was really a great game, but how many of you thought that Rockstar¬†should have just delayed it a few months and released it on the new-gen consoles…and PC? I’m sure almost all of you did. If not, then I guess I’m a strange one.

GTA Online

GTA Online GTA 5

Now this was a catastrophe. I’ve put both GTA V and GTA Online on this list, because they’re considered to be two separate games (sort of). They did release at separate times. Many people couldn’t even log into GTA Online for quite some time. This is a perfect example of something that should have been delayed or simply have been built better before being released (and five ‘B’ words in row!).

Wolfenstein: The New Order


I loved this game. It was everything I thought it was going to be and better; but I think MachineGames should have delayed this to Fall 2014 and added a competitive multiplayer component into it. I know they’ve said in the past that they would either do single player or multiplayer, but not both because it compromises the game’s quality, or something like that. Still, Wolfenstein games have typically had great single player, but phenomenal multiplayer. Enemy Territory, guys?? What about Tides of War on the original Xbox?

Watch Dogs

watch dogs xbox one ps4 3

I know Ubisoft already delayed Watch Dogs from being ¬†launch title to a spring release and while the end result was actually pretty good, it quickly became dull. The story was the only driving part of the game–besides the hacking, of course–and when you completed that, it’s unlikely that you continued playing it. I would’ve liked them to delay it one more time till this fall if it meant them adding more to the game that made it interesting to continue playing. I’m sick of the repetitiveness in Ubisoft games…