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New ‘Gears of War’ wasn’t leaked; Xbox and PlayStation Twitch accounts were hacked

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People have to really stop believing every little detail equates to a leak. Microsoft did not accidentally reveal the name of the new Gears of War and Sony isn’t actually “sorry” about the Tomb Raider exclusivity–they were hacked.

The official Xbox Twitch account looked like this an hour ago:

Xbox Twitch

And here is what the official PlayStation Twitch page looked like a few minutes ago:

PlayStation Twitch

So, unless you think Microsoft is going to reveal Fallout 4 in January and that they believe NeoGAF and Kotaku are “fudgepackers”, their accounts were hacked. Microsoft, Sony, nor Twitch have confirmed the hacking in a statement, but that seems a lot more obvious than a group of community managers losing their shit and leaking things.

We know there is a new Gears of War in development–and we all hope Fallout 4 is being made–but other than that, no other information has been released.